„Islands of Cats“ von Johnson & Bauer (Hardcover)


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Maltese stray cats and their silent benefactors

A diverting read with 232 original colourful photographs for animal lovers and travellers alike. Mention the Maltese Islands and one arouses thoughts of sun, sea and beaches. Whilst enjoying the archipelago’s rich offerings in history, culture, and, of course gastronomy, you cannot help but notice the feline members of the local population. You will find strays in most corners of the world, the only difference is in Malta and Gozo the cats are not scraggy and musty, in fact the opposite, they are well fed and in peak condition, with glossy fur and bright eyes. This is thanks to a group of 1,000 and more devoted carers who have taken upon themselves to be the guardians of the thousands of stray cats that inhabit the Islands.
“Islands of Cats” is a photographic journey, portraying a representative 22 of these humble and dedicated caregivers. Each chapter is teeming with colourful descriptive photographs, which capture the carers and the cat colonies in genuine, unfeigned situations, and a narrative highlighting each caregiver. The book also includes interesting facts about the localities visited, besides cat related information. “Islands of Cats” is unique, as it is the first book to feature Stray Cat Carers and their work. Treat yourself and open up Chapter One in this entertaining book.

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